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The C Group, Inc. Team

Who We Are

Most of the people involved in this project were instrumental in bringing Ester C® to the market over twenty years ago. We are some of the same business people, researchers and distributors that made Ester C® a success. We have used our experience from the Ester C® project to develop a new and enhanced vitamin C formula and bring it to the international marketplace.


Nancy Chandler, President

Nancy was the former President of Zila Nutraceuticals (formerly known as Inter-Cal Corp.) who brought the Ester C® product to market in 1982. She was instrumental in setting up the manufacturing facility, recruiting the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board, overseeing all areas of research, product development, sales, marketing, finances, quality control, operations and eventually the sale of the company to Zila, Inc.

Anthony J. Verlangieri, Ph.D., Vice President & Director of Research   

Dr. Verlangieri was the primary researcher for the Ester C® project. He is Vice President and Director of Research for The C Group, Inc., and is in charge of all research projects involving the product. He is a Professor of Toxicology and Pharmacology at The University of Mississippi.

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Wayne Harris, ABR Enterprises

Mr. Harris was the primary formulator for the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board on the Ester C® project. He is the primary formulator for The Right C®/Crystal C™ product.

Odd Olsen, C Man A/S

Mr. Olsen was the broker for Ester C® in Scandinavia and is currently the broker for Scandinavia for The Right C® product. It is marketed under the trade name Crystal C™ in Scandinavia.

Geir Eric Berge, D.V.M., Independent Researcher

Dr. Berge operates his own veterinary clinic in Moss, Norway and serves as an independent researcher studying the effects of The Right C® product on dogs. He was one of the primary vet researchers for the Ester C® project.

The Right C® is a registered trademark of The C Group, Inc.
Ester C® is a registered trademark of The Ester C Company Corp.