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What Researchers and Doctors are Saying About The Right C®
"You have not only recaptured the Original Neutral Vitamin C ascorbate but have now made it work more efficiently than before as a pleasant, tasteless, wonderfully therapeutic drink."

Dr. Alfred Libby, M.D., Ph.D.
25 year Veteran Vitamin C Researcher
Developer of Sublingual B-12 Patent
Vitamin C Anti-Addiction Program
"A whole new generation of vitamin C. This is how I would describe this new vitamin C."

"I was contacted by the creators of this new vitamin C because of my extensive experience in vitamin C research. I was very skeptical of this project as I felt it was not serious enough. To be polite, however, I took the papers to my hotel room that night. The next morning I had only one message to the creators: I want to know more. I had spent the whole night going through the material and I understood that this was indeed a medical breakthrough. I have been doing vitamin C research for over 30 years and this is a new generation of vitamin C with a totally new potential compared to anything we have seen so far."

"Conventional vitamin C, along with other nutrients, utilizes only the glucose pathway into the cells. This pathway, due to a reduced availability of transporter proteins, can impair the uptake of vitamin C into the cells and lead to it having to "wait in line" for absorption. This unique product has been complexed with other nutrients that enable the utilization of different pathways into the cell, providing significantly better uptake and efficacy compared to other vitamin C products."

"Many things influence the body's ability to absorb nutrients and produce energy: age, illnesses, physical and/or psychological stress and impaired digestive function. ATP is a compound from which cellular energy is derived. It has been shown that if ATP levels are reduced, vitamin C is not absorbed optimally. Your Riboperine™ complex seems to enhance the body's production of ATP which, in turn, increases cellular energy."

"Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-oxidant that protects the cells from harmful byproducts (free radicals) of chemical reactions. The benefits of your unique combination are significant and may offer even more protection than other forms of vitamin C."

Anthony J. Verlangieri, Ph.D., F.A.C.N.,
D.A.B.F.E. (Fellow)
Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy
University of Mississippi
University, MS 38677
"A big step forward. The researchers behind this new vitamin C are very credible. The very essence of this new vitamin C is that it gives a significantly higher level of C in the cells, therefore, it may obliterate the need to give vitamin C intravenously."

"Vitamin C is the single most important vitamin for human beings. Almost all species produce their own vitamin C, but by a change in genes some time in history, man has lost his ability to make vitamin C from sugar. We lack the necessary enzyme for the process, and are dependent upon getting C from food."

"From being an important raw material for our forefather's production of vitamin C, the sugar now competes with vitamin C about the space in the body's cells. This new C uses other pathways than sugar does, and is probably a lot more effective than regular vitamin C."

Dr. Knut T. Flytie, M.D.
Private Practice
Clinic for Preventive Medicine and Chelation
Vejle, Denmark
Pioneer in the Treatment with Vitamins & Minerals in Scandinavia
Dr. Tom Levy, expert in Vitamin C and author of "Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable," comments:

"Everyone knows that there are many health benefits to taking Vitamin C. It can help to maintain a healthy immune system and assist in the production of collagen. But not many people understand the benefits of taking it in sodium ascorbate form. My own experience and studies have shown that not only is it kinder to the stomach but is the most effective form of Vitamin C available."

"People ask me "What Vitamin C would you recommend?". After researching Vitamin C for most of my professional life, I have found one that: has sodium for its transport systems (MultiPath - multiple sodium dependent pathways for entry into the cells); is pH neutral (non-acidic) therefore, gentle and well tolerated when taken in large doses; and, has the research behind it to show that is the most effective and bioavailable Vitamin C currently available - it is The Right C®."

Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D.
Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Cardiology

"If you aren't taking The Right C®…         
          …then you are taking the wrong C!"™

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